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Here at Fortesms, we enjoy success in collaborating with our partners. Our reseller programs are designed to be simple, effective and rewarding.

Whether you are looking to introduce your clients to our short messaging services and enjoy a commission, or wish to integrate our SMS Gateway in your own application, we have the perfect reseller package for you.

The different reseller options we have include


With our affiliate program you can make upto ₦60,000.00 from a each person you reffer to Fortesms. We pay our esteemed customers for referring our service to other people. We run a six tier commision structure whereby we pay a particular percentage of the SMS credit purchased by your refferals in CASH. Note that it is FREE to start our affiliate program.


With Fortesms’s white label platform you can start your own Short Messaging business. We would provide you with a site fully branded for your company, with no mention of Fortesms anywhere.

You are therefore able to charge whatever price you like to your customers and thereby create your own additional revenue stream for yourself.

At Fortesms, we work daily to ensure that you have the best from us.