FORTESMS was established after long work and extensive research about the SMS industry.Our solutions are specifically tailored to the client's specifications to keep them ahead of the competition.

We provides a simple, yet effective online SMS service that fits both low and heavy users, we also offer a pricing structure which is unbeatable in this ever growing market. Our SMS Services comes with a lot of features, this includes the ability to personalise, schedule your messages and to publish your messages to social media. Our short messaging Services includes

SMS Notification

Forte SMS offers world class sms notification service for both low and high users. You can Send bulk, customised and personalised messages on-line by using our dependable web-based interface . Wherever you are and whenever you need to, from corporate needs to personal messages, Forte SMS makes it easy and convenient to send SMS text messages. Our SMS notification platform comes fully integrated with major social media - Facebook and Twitter

School Alert

We have an alert system that help your school communicate better with parents, students and staffs. It easy to use and effecient for you.

Relationship Management System (RMS)

We believe that fostering good relationship is a vital component to both professional and personal success. Hence we package this relationship management system for you, to help you relate better with your friends by always remembering to communicate with them on their special days, every month and during religious holidays. You can be sure of a better relationship with your friends using our tested and trusted solution.


We provide developers the oppurtunity to incorporate our SMS gateway with their custom application. We offer only HTTPS connectivity for now. It is easy, fast, reliable and free to use.